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The History Behind Us

We Are A Group Of People Who Always Attracted And Attached With The Technology. And This Is Our Passion. We Thought There Are Too Many Tech Bees Like Us. That's Why We Decided To Gather Latest Technology And Help Other Tech Bees To Get Them. We Always Take Care About Our Customers. Cause We Take Care Every Customer As Our Friend.



After our grand opening in 2015, we now hold stock in various countries across the globe, securing warehouses in China, Russia, Australia, Spain, Germany & of course our home country, the United States. We are an ever expanding business, looking to develop our product line and stock the latest Techs Including drones.


We are hobbiests , gadget lovers , travellers, photographers and obsessed with the different creative possibilities made available with drone flying . From our CEO, Management, Ambassadors all the way to our customer service team – we all share the hunger and love of tech.


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Please Let Us Know If You Need Any Thing Else. We Will Collect The Item For You And Will Send To You.